one is plain and two is too
three's too much for some of you
four's for witches, five's for waking
if you're mad, and six for raking
can't say good night anymore
just 'see you soon' and shut the door
how do you do it? can i try
to come back 'round the other side?

i'm too acquainted with summer stars
to know so little of what they are
i spent the whole last night outside
and have the dawn's glow memorized
to tell the hour by the light
my mind refuses out of spite
to slumber, finally vindicated
worst excess exacerbated

i swear i'll try and never do
still trapped in isolation's stew
of maladjusted consequence
a mindless situation whence
a flaw i've never tried to fix
becomes my new apocalypse
and as to if it can be done
i wouldn't know; i've never won